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Couple from Coronation Street leaves Weatherfield following heartbreaking wedding loss

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In yet-to-air scenes on the ITV soap, Paul Foreman and Billy Mayhew of Coronation Street must face some significant obstacles.

In forthcoming Coronation Street scenes, Billy Mayhew (played by Daniel Brocklebank) and Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) meet with the registrar to discuss their wedding plans.

When Paul asks for Oh Happy Days as their exit song, the registrar states that religious music is not permitted at a civil marriage.

Paul is devastated by the rules because he and Billy would have loved the song so much.

The Church of England still outlaws same-sex marriages in a church, so the Coronation Street pair has no choice but to get married in a civil ceremony.

To enjoy their ideal wedding in a church, the couple can decide to elope.

Will they choose to run away? Could any of their loved ones travel with them to celebrate the momentous event abroad?

Following Paul’s diagnosis of motor neurone illness, Billy and Paul are attempting to enjoy every moment they have together.

The Metro quoted Billy actor Daniel as saying, “It’s the first-ever gay wedding that Corrie has had, and it’s going to be beautiful, that’s what I’ll tell you!”

“As with Corrie, there’s always a good balance of comedy and drama, so you’re definitely going to see a bit of both,” the soap opera actress hinted.

Will Paul deteriorate quickly after they say their vows?

A woman named Shelly, who had the same illness as Paul, has been providing support for him.

However, in a tragic turn of events, she was discovered dead at her house during recent scenes.

In a future episode, Billy officiates Shelly’s funeral, but her brother complains when Paul gets up to speak a few things.

The men start fighting as Kieran is scolded by Paul for abandoning his dying sister.

Paul accidentally strikes Billy in the face during the tense situation.

Fortunately, Billy is sympathetic to the issue because Paul’s condition has completely robbed him of his ability to regulate his movement.

Will the Weatherfield resident receive an apology from Shelly’s brother?

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