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Courtney Vance of Coronation Street was persuaded to separate with Aadi Alahan for $5,000.

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Courtney Vance of Coronation Street has been residing with her new boyfriend Aadi Alahan ever since her husband Darren Vance forced her to vacate their home.

Viewers of Coronation Street will soon witness Courtney Vance (played by Stephanie Davis) having to make a difficult choice.

When Courtney first arrived in Weatherfield in June, she immediately set her sights on Aadi Alahan (Adam Hussain), and the two began a sensual relationship.

They were rumbled this month even though they were able to keep their connection a secret from everyone, including her husband Darren Vance (Ryan Early) and Aadi’s father Dev Alahan (Jimmi Harkishin).

Courtney was forced to move in against Dev’s objections after Darren ejected her and left her with nowhere else to go but Aadi’s house.

Things appear to be serious between the new couple now that they are living together, but there will be drama since Darren chooses to intercede.

ITV soap official spoilers are revealed Following the untimely passing of Shelley Rossington (Natalie Amber) last week, Courtney and Aadi announce that they would be relocating into her former apartment.

Courtney tells Aadi that she will sell some of her rings to help pay the deposit because she has been short on money since parting ways with Darren.

With some leftover, they decide to go celebrate at the Bistro, but when they see Darren, they realize there is a golf party going on.

She sees it as the ideal opportunity to enrage her estranged husband, so she starts by kissing Aadi and boasting about their new apartment.

Aadi and Darren start to argue, which prompts Bernie Winter (Jane Hazlegrove) to intervene and try to defuse the situation.

As they depart, she cautions Courtney that she is aware of her strategy and that it is clear that she is still in love with Darren and using Aadi.

Later, Darren makes the decision to speak with Dev in an effort to attempt to end their relationship.

He pulls him aside and makes an embarrassing offer of £5,000 to split Courtney and Aadi.

At home, Dev takes out the bundle of cash and tells Courtney that it’s all hers if she decides to dump Aadi.

Will she be tempted to take the money and create a life for herself abroad as she has little to no money to her name?

Will Aadi begin his own vengeance scheme against Darren after learning that his father is involved in attempting to end their relationship?

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