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EastEnders: Anna’s mugging was arranged by Cindy or Junior, a new fan theory predicts

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Fans of EastEnders are certain that Anna Knight’s mugging is connected to someone close to her! According to two shocking fan theories, the young woman’s attack in Albert Square was orchestrated by either Anna’s brother Junior or mother Cindy!

Why, though, would Anna’s family turn against her in that way? And what would George do if he discovered that either EastEnders theory was accurate?

Anna mugged in EastEnders

A masked man shoved Anna over while she was waiting for sister Gina and talking to brother Junior on the phone. He took her bag and left her bruised and disoriented.

And now that Cindy is expressing concern for her daughter, she’s taking advantage of the chance to get closer to George.

Junior, meanwhile, appears to be acting shady and prowling around Walford.

It follows that the EastEnders audience’s belief that there is more to Anna’s mugging than first appears is understandable.

Fans respond

According to some admirers, Cindy was the brains behind the muscle.

One viewer wondered if Cindy could stay close to George by getting closer to Anna, while another said Cindy was “taking full advantage” of the drama.

Another suspicious fan said, “I feel like Cindy paid the man to get Anna mugged.”

The audience is wary of more people than just Cindy, though. Some fans believe Junior, George’s son, may have orchestrated the mugging.

One fan remarked, “Something tells me he might know something.”

Is Anna’s mugging even more evil than it seems at first? How do you feel?

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