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EastEnders: Bianca’s hair and outfit were awful at Whitney’s wedding, fans note

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The wedding ceremony between Zack and Whitney began in Monday, May 20, episode of EastEnders, with Britney disclosing Zack’s infidelity.

But during these scenes, viewers have been more drawn to Bianca’s hair and attire.

Fans of EastEnders are now criticizing Bianca’s wardrobe choices after she opted for a rather unusual appearance.

EastEnders: Bianca attended Zack and Whitney’s wedding

After spending time with baby Dolly yesterday evening, Bianca took Britney back to Zack and Whitney.

Then Zack pleaded with Britney to keep his infidelity with Lauren from Whitney a secret. Zack then went off to prepare with Martin and Sharon.

He considered telling them what had happened, but he quickly changed his mind and covered.

Whit began saying her vows at the wedding as she made her way down the aisle holding baby Dolly.

But even though Britney was unaware of Zack’s secret, she couldn’t watch Whit proceed with the wedding.

Then she stopped everything to reveal that Zack had slept with Lauren.

EastEnders fans disgusted with Bianca wedding guest outfit

Bianca was seen wearing a very high ponytail with a large scrunchie at Zack and Whitney’s wedding.

Additionally, she wore an orange blazer, which her fans found too formal.

“I hate character regression and that [bleep] silver puffer jacket (and whatever this is) and Bianca leaving to go to fashion college and then coming back and spending years wearing leopard print shell suits and that is one of the worst examples,” a fan wrote.

“Check out Bianca Jackson’s orange creation!” said someone else. She resembles an enormous apricot.

“Omg, Bianca just upped the chavvy to the max,” a third viewer commented. Her tresses!

What’s next for Zack and Whitney?

The fallout from Britney disclosing Zack’s infidelity to Whitney and the wedding guests is imminent.

But will Britney be believed by anyone? Or will Whit carry out the wedding arrangements and wed Zack as scheduled?

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