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EastEnders: Britney could’ve told Whitney about Zack’s cheating before the wedding, fans blast

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Despite being originally canceled, Zack and Whitney’s wedding ceremony was held on Monday, May 20, in yesterday’s episode of EastEnders.

But as Whitney exchanged vows with her soon-to-be husband, Britney made Zack’s infidelity public.

Fans of EastEnders have now criticized Britney for the poor timing of her significant announcement.

EastEnders: Britney dropped a huge bombshell at the wedding

While Britney went home with Bianca last night, Whitney and Zack relished their time with baby Dolly in Walford.

Zack then pleaded with Britney not to spoil the moment by bringing up his infidelity.

Zack and Whitney decided to reschedule the wedding shortly after realizing that no one had been informed of the cancellation.

Whitney and baby Dolly walked down the aisle after Britney heard Lily discuss Whitney’s past heartbreaks.

After that, she began to say her vows to Zack, but Britney had to cut her off and admit that Zack had slept with Lauren!

EastEnders fans unhappy with timing of Britney revelation

Even before Whitney gave birth to Dolly, Britney was aware of Zack’s infidelity, but she opted to keep it to herself.

She has now come under fire from fans for holding off on breaking Whitney’s heart until the wedding ceremony itself.

A fan remarked, “Britney… girl.” similar to? Ten minutes after giving birth to a 5-month-old grown baby, Whitney is up there wearing a WHITE wedding gown. BLEEDY and most likely sutured. And something like that? You held off on telling her until the proper /THEN/. Mmmk.

“I just knew Britney was going to spoil the wedding,” said another watcher. However, she was unable to inform Whitney before arriving at the registry office.

“Yet again, Britney ruins everything,” lamented a disgruntled fan. What made Whitney decide to foster her? You’ve only known her for two minutes; she is not your daughter.

Will Zack and Whitney still tie the knot?

Zack and Whitney may or may not get married, but one thing is certain: Britney’s bombshell will have a significant impact.

When Zack’s secret is made public, Lauren is betrayed by the rest of Walford. Can Whitney, though, forgive Zack? Will she decide to wed him anyway?

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