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EastEnders fans fume over scenes which ‘should not be shown’ pre-watershed

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EastEnders fans were stunned after a fight broke out on the soap with one character being almost strangled to death – but many were frustrated that the scenes took place ahead of the 9pm watershed

Fans of the BBC soap opera EastEnders were outraged by tonight’s programme as violent images were shown before the watershed at 9 o’clock.

As Ben Mitchell revealed to the Panedears that he had stopped protecting Jags while he was in prison, ultimately resulting in his death, the viewer witnessed tragic situations play out.

The two were seen striking one other, and as a shocked and enraged Kheerat responded, he assaulted Ben and started strangling him.
Many people complained that it was “much too violent” to see before the Watershed because of the brutal scenes, which made viewers wince.

“More violence before the 9pm watershed on #EastEnders again.. tsk tut!” said one fan.

“These scenes should not be displayed before the watershed,” said another.

A third person remarked, “These are violent scenes at this hour of the evening, in my opinion!”
Ben’s surprising statement left the Panesars speechless, and Kheerat became even more incensed when Ben revealed that he terminated the protection after spotting Kheerat with Sharon.

Kheerat became upset as a result and attempted to choke Ben.
Ash and Vinny encourage Kheerat despite Stacey and Suki’s efforts to defuse the situation.

Suki acknowledges that she is to blame for Jags’ imprisonment after seeing Ben’s life slip away and pleading with Kheerat to stop.
Vinny was never in danger, but she still wanted to make Jags pay for his association with Habiba.

The Panesar kids are in shock and wonder how their mother could have done this as Stacey drives Ben to Kathy’s. Suki tries to apologise and defend herself, but Kheerat tells her they’re done and they won’t ever forgive her.

When Phil says he saw Ben high and they find out he was in a fight, Kathy’s concern for Ben grows in the meantime.

When Stacey shows up with Ben, who is still in a daze, Phil and Kathy are horrified when Ben admits he killed Jags.

Phil doesn’t feel sorry for his son when Ben rejects their assistance, and later he tells Kathy that he’s done with him.

Kathy decides Phil has to know the truth and informs him Ben was raped when she empathises with Ben’s suffering.

Meanwhile, Jay is having a good time on the town while Frankie and Lola keep getting on his nerves about Honey. Jay is pretty inebriated when he arrives home late, and Honey is not impressed.

Felix and Finlay attend Peggy’s party and mingle with the neighbours. When Whitney offers to sell some of their possessions on the stall to help them with the cost of the burial, they are moved.

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