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EastEnders fans go wild as Alfie Moon makes unexpected return for Tommy

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The most recent episode included a shocking early return by fan favorite Alfie Moon (Shane Richie), which enthralled soap opera viewers.

Earlier this month, it was announced that the former landlord of the Queen Vic would be returning to the program.

Alfie unexpectedly made an early return to the soap opera on Tuesday’s episode (July 12) while on a Facetime call with his step-son Tommy.

Alfie appeared on Tommy’s phone in a video and said: “Tommy, my boy! It’s unbelievable, and I’m so glad to see you.

“Boy, I’ve been thinking about you a lot recently.”

“I constantly think of you. I never stop thinking about you.

“I know it’s been a while, but look at you now! You’re becoming into a tiny guy.” Alfie was heard speaking to a person off-camera after asking Tommy about Kat’s former relationship with Kush.

After telling the child that he “loved him,” Tommy hangs up on him.

EastEnders fans were ecstatic in response to Alfie’s unexpected arrival on Twitter.

I’m very pleased to bring back the legend Alfie @realshanerichie, one of my favorite characters, one admirer tweeted, while another added: “ALFIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eastenders has resumed operations.”

Another observer remarked, “Wasn’t expecting to see Alfie this quick,” in the meanwhile.

A fourth admirer stated: “To see Alfie, I’m over the moon

so quickly

“Over the ecstatic to see Alfie returning so soon,” a fourth supporter exclaimed.

“Tommy chatting to Alfie in tonight’s show was really lovely,” said the fifth. Can’t wait until Alfie is properly back.

Following a hint about Grant Mitchell’s reappearance on Monday’s episode, Alfie makes an unexpected cameo.

Shane Richie earlier stated of his return to EastEnders: “It’s a complete honor and delight to be asked back to my TV home of Albert Square.

“I’m looking forward to meeting some new cast members and catching up with some old ones.”

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