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EastEnders fans rip into Ben Mitchell’s ‘unrealistic’ hospital scenes – but can you see why?

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Viewers of EastEnders claimed that the scenes depicting Ben Mitchell being rushed to the hospital after a horrible overdose were unrealistic.

The Walford troublemaker, played by Max Bowden, overdosed and was found by Suki Panesar in a critical condition.

Ben was found unconscious on Monday after a drug-fueled party with his former friend James.

While they were eating dinner as a family, his daughter Lexi was devastated by his absence.

But once the girl heard a voicemail he had left for her, Callum Highway, Ben’s ex-husband, and Jay Brown went in search of Ben.

As retaliation for the passing of her son Jags, the vicious entrepreneur abandoned Ben where he was later discovered: among a stack of trash bags outside The Arches.

Dramatic moments showed the paramedics being summoned after Callum tried to perform CPR on Ben, who appeared to be on his last legs.
One of the viewers who expressed skepticism wrote: “Nah, they won’t murder Ben off, not on a Tuesday.”
The soap opera fan noted that the audience of the BBC One program had grown accustomed to some irrational drama: “That would be the last episode of the week.””This is EastEnders, they’ll still bring him back to life even if he hasn’t breathed in probably an hour.” In front of Callum, Jay, his mother Kathy Beale, and his father Phil Mitchell, who dropped his takeout when he heard the news, Ben was taken to A&E and passed out. Ben eventually made a full recovery, but some cynical viewers questioned the scenes because they thought his recovery was way too spectacular.

One person commented, “I know Easties isn’t real, but a little effort to keep a sense of reality would have been wonderful in tonight’s show. Right on Ben’s chest, with no head tilt, intubation, oxygen, or line, and still no oxygen upon arriving at the hospital, they continued.A second viewer expressed the same opinion: “I’m finding Ben’s color too “alive” having been in a similar circumstance attempting to keep someone alive till the paramedics arrived.” “His pallor would have been more blue-tinged white if he hadn’t been breathing. What does EE require to apply makeup properly.” Then, one astute viewer observed: “So they perform CPR on Ben on the street.. yet he arrives at hospital with no leads, mask, or any indication of help.” Another person remarked, “These hospital scenes are actually so unrealistic, it’s comical.” Ben was saved from the brink of death, but he was still unconscious as Phil struggled to make sense of what had transpired.The Walford tough guy learned via his ex-wife Sharon Watts that Ben had been given narcotics by a dealer in Peggy’s, and Phil’s sister Sam was well aware of it, as the episode came to a close. How will he proceed?

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