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EastEnders: Mo and Freddie returning to Walford was much-needed, fans rejoice

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Freddie and Mo gave Alfie a scare, but they made a huge comeback to Walford in yesterday’s episode of EastEnders (Monday, May 20).

Alfie had struck Mo in the head with an inflatable toy baseball bat because he thought they were intruders.

Fans of EastEnders are now overjoyed to see the two characters make a comeback on screen.

EastEnders: Mo and Freddie returned to the Square

Alfie called Kat last night in Walford while Zack and Whitney were getting married. Kat quickly silenced her phone as it rang and interrupted the conversation.

Then, Alfie informed her over the phone that there were trespassers inside the home.

Alfie then gave the ‘intruder’ a hard blow to the head with an inflatable toy bat as soon as they passed through the door.

But when he realized that he had really knocked Big Mo to the ground, he was taken aback.

After that, Freddie followed her, and Alfie realized what he had done. No trespassers were present. Rather, Mo and Freddie were back in Walford.

EastEnders fans thrilled to welcome back Big Mo and Freddie

Big Mo and Freddie’s return to the soap opera has fans ecstatic, and they’ve taken to social media to express their excitement over the scenes from last night.

A viewer of EastEnders cried out, “Freddie & Big Mo’s return was ICONIC!”

“So happy Big Mo and Freddie are back where they belong!” exclaimed a second person.

Finally, a third viewer said, “Ready, Freddie, Mo! The two legends are back!

What’s to come for Mo and Freddie?

According to this week’s EastEnders spoilers, Mo flirts with Stevie and ends up spending the evening with him.

Freddie feels pushed out in another scene when Alfie tells him there isn’t enough space in the house for him.

But Kat then makes the offer to vacate so that Freddie can return to his former room. Freddie, however, is feeling awful and decides to try to get Kat and Alfie back together. Will his strategy succeed?

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