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EastEnders: Reiss’s wife needs to wake up, beg fans as he wants to take more money

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EastEnders fans are begging for a big twist in the Reiss and Sonia IVF storyline, as they admit they’re desperate for Reiss’s wife Debbie, who’s in a coma, to wake up!

After all, Reiss is about to get his mitts on even more of his comatose wife’s money in order to fund his IVF attempt with new girlfriend Sonia Fowler.

And the fans are NOT impressed with his behaviour.

In yesterday’s episode of EastEnders, viewers saw Reiss head off to visit Debbie at her care home. He told her he was going to take more of her savings to have another go at having a baby with Sonia.

But Bianca was watching and listening in horror!

With the real source of Reiss’s “trust fund” exposed, will Sonia be as shocked as Bianca was? After all, she’s no stranger to helping herself to a relative’s cash, is she? She stole from her step-grandmother Dot Branning.

Getting up!
The fans have made it very clear what they want, whatever comes next! They firmly believe that Debbie will eventually wake up and discover the precise nature of her husband’s activities!

“I wonder when Debbie will emerge from her coma, miraculously?” One disappointed fan mused.

Furthermore, it’s evident from social media comments that nobody finds Reiss’s work very impressive. One observer went so far as to refer to it as “financial abuse.”

So perhaps if Debbie does wake up, Reiss could find himself behind bars? At least that’s what some fans are hoping for!

“Should be jailed for stealing money from his comatose wife,” said another fan.

Sonia in trouble?

But the wrath of the fans wasn’t reserved for light-fingered Reiss. They’re also pretty unimpressed with Sonia being involved in this whole thing.

One admirer succinctly put it when they wrote, “Sonia’s kind of a terrible person.”

If Debbie does wake up, we know it would be really difficult on Sonia (and Reiss!), but we also think it would make for some amazing drama!

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