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EastEnders’ Sam Mitchell makes shocking deal against Phil

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In EastEnders, Sam Mitchell’s falsehoods have gotten out of hand.

If the schemer’s family learns that she has a covert agreement with Jonah, a rival criminal boss of Phil’s, to take over their operations in Walford, her life could come tumbling down.


Sam recently attempted to convince Kat to sign a document giving Peggy’s nightclub to him, but his efforts were foiled when Phil was released from prison and assumed control of their family’s newest business venture.


In the episode that aired on Tuesday (July 12), Sam was terrified that Phil might upset Jonah by confronting him in public.


Sam eventually understood that the only way to save the situation was to properly integrate Jonah into her plot against Phil.

Jonah later made an attempt to resolve the situation (for the time being) by genuinely apologizing to Phil at the Vic, but Phil still lost it and threw one of the barstools at him as a warning to keep away from the Mitchells.

Jonah made the decision to raise the stakes of their covert alliance when he later met Sam at the club. Sam was given a contract by the thief that guaranteed he would be purchasing Peggy’s goods directly from her.

Not only would Jonah eventually take over the club, but he also that Sam permit his dealer to instantly run drugs through Peggy’s.

Sam was forced to accede to Jonah’s demands since she had no other option, but it soon became clear that she was regretting doing business with her brother’s worst adversary.


Will Sam’s plotting work against her?

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