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EastEnders spoilers: Bianca catches Reiss out in his money theft lie

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Our EastEnders spoilers reveal that suspicious Bianca catches hard-up Reiss out in a lie about money. Growing angry at Reiss’s dishonesty, Bianca soon sets an ultimatum.

Reiss is desperate for money as he continues to support Sonia. When all else fails – including an attempt to scheme money out of Kat – Reiss returns to Debbie’s bedside in an attempt to get the money he and Sonia need.

But with Bianca growing increasingly untrusting and frustrated with Reiss’s shady behaviour, he risks everything falling apart when she catches him out in his money lies.

But what will Bianca do with what she has learned? Will she tell Sonia about Reiss’s lies?

Read our EastEnders spoilers for this storyline in full below.

Spoilers for EastEnders: Bianca exposes Reiss’s deception
As the week gets underway, tensions are high as Bianca watches, disapproving, while Reiss tries to help Sonia. Reiss, who is getting more and more desperate for money, tells Kat that she didn’t pay her tax bill for February in the hopes of getting the money.

He quickly regrets the decision, though, and finds himself scrambling to find the money.

Bianca begins to sense that Reiss is up to something after speaking to Kat and Jay. Determined to discover what he’s up to, she follows Reiss to the care home.

Listening in, she overhears him asking Debbie for permission to borrow more money.

Realising that Bianca has caught him red-handed, Reiss breaks into a panicked sweat. How will Bianca react?

Bianca sets an ultimatum

Appalled by Reiss‘s actions, Bianca gives him an ultimatum. She tells him that he needs to tell Sonia or he will.

Will Reiss come clean?

Later on, Kat notices Bianca upset. Together, they make their way to The Albert.

Will they share their knowledge of Reiss with Sonia? And if she does find out, how will she respond? Is their relationship coming to an end? Or will she accept his massive lie?

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