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EastEnders spoilers: Cindy pulls out all the stops to get George back

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According to our EastEnders spoilers, Cindy Beale goes above and beyond in her quest to win her ex-husband George back. When Anna is mugged, Cindy sees an opening and launches a scheme to get her hands on George.

Can George withstand Cindy’s attentions?

See our complete EastEnders spoilers for this plot below.

EastEnders spoilers: Cindy and George are there for Anna

Ian informs Cindy that Anna has been mugged, and Cindy is appalled. When Kathy accuses her of being a bad mother, everything gets worse.

In order to get Anna to give a statement, she and Jack dash to The Vic. Nevertheless, Anna declines despite the entreaties from George and Cindy.

Ian tries to make amends with Cindy later for Kathy’s earlier rudeness. However, Cindy makes it plain that, at this point, he is completely irrelevant to her. To view the CCTV footage, she and George go to the Boxing Den together.

Cindy tries to reel in her man

Cindy reaches out to George while they talk about Anna. Anna is horrified to see him drinking with Cindy when she gets there.

Cindy tries hard to get George interested after Anna leaves, but he pushes her away. Junior observes from the shadows in the meantime.

Cindy makes a plan

Cindy organizes a movie night with the girls and a family dinner as part of her ongoing quest to win George back. For the occasion, Elaine offers Anna the living room of The Vic flat.

Cindy shows up looking stunning as George is preparing dinner. Ian, meanwhile, is waiting by himself at home while serving her the unexpectedly romantic dinner he prepared.

Can George withstand Cindy’s attentions?

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