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EastEnders spoilers: Linda turns back to the bottle as Keanu’s funeral approaches

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She’s got guilt issues and misses Mick.
According to our EastEnders spoilers, as Keanu’s funeral draws near, troubled Linda Carter returns to drinking. Even though she may have set Dean up for Keanu’s murder, she still feels guilty about his passing.

Is Linda able to maintain composure?

See our complete EastEnders spoilers for this plot below.

spoilers for EastEnders: Linda throws the bottle
As Father’s Day approaches, Johnny and Elaine console Linda when she becomes upset about Mick. Bernie informs them that Keanu’s funeral is scheduled for this Thursday, which completely derails their plans to host a Father’s Day celebration at The Vic.

Can they hold the wake in The Vic, she asks? Elaine says yes, and Linda goes upstairs to get a drink.

A concerned Johnny interrupts Linda, telling her that she is going to find Sharon and break the news to her. But Bernie tells Sharon in The Vic before she can.

Already in the middle of a heated discussion with Phil, who is requesting to see Albie, Sharon is taken aback. When she finds out that Linda already knew, she is shocked.

A crash in the barrel store interrupts her and Johnny’s conversation. They discover Linda there, inebriated and disoriented.

Sharon and Johnny take drastic action
Johnny and Sharon try to talk Linda out of it. Sharon and Kathy then have a heart-to-heart conversation.

Sharon books Linda into an AA meeting and encourages her to attend because she is determined to support her friend. But after arriving, Linda makes the decision to talk to other addicts. Linda is about to say something that horrifies Sharon, who tells her not to. Will Linda, though, pay attention?

Sharon delivers the information.
It’s obvious that Linda is having trouble coping as Keanu’s funeral draws near. She offers to assist Sharon in telling Albie the truth about Keanu, but Sharon is adamant that she would prefer to go it alone.

Martin offers some guidance, and Sharon eventually tells Albie the truth. Ollie makes a kind gesture, and she chooses to go to the funeral in honor of Albie.

The following day, Kathy and Linda host a private memorial at The Arches while Sharon makes an effort to go to Keanu’s funeral. How long, though, can Linda keep it together?

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