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EastEnders spoilers: Stacey Slater makes shock discovery at caravan park

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WITH months of hardship finally behind her, Stacey Slater is rushed into a holiday at a caravan park.

But she makes a shocking discovery while away, as it will be shown in upcoming scenes of EastEnders.

Food van owner Stacey (played by Lacey Turner) has had a lot on her plate lately, from dealing with her mother Jean’s crazy behaviour to serving a brief prison sentence.

She has, however, had to deal with the epidemic and any accidents it may have caused in addition to her personal problems, just like the rest of the world off-screen.

Viewers of BBC One will learn the following week that a vacation she was looking forwards to was postponed due to the Covid pandemic.

She informs her ex-husband Martin Fowler that they must take advantage of the vacation they scheduled before the pandemic on the same day.

Stacey extends the invitation to Kheerat Panesar, her romantic interest, after Martin declines and says he can’t go.

He regrettably declines the invitation as well, but there’s a catch.

Martin discloses to his friend Zack Hudson that he regrets missing the holiday, and the chef prompts him to reconsider his choice.

Stacey prepares to leave for her vacation and packs her things, but she becomes agitated when Marin turns up after changing his mind.

But he’s not the only one; unexpectedly, Kheerat also shows up.

The men argue about who gets to pick dinner as the group travels to the caravan park, setting the vacation off to a bumpy start.

Even though she may be used to working with kids, she is taken aback by Kheerat’s agitated demeanour when he loses.

The two reconcile eventually, but Stacey is diverted by something else.

She experiences the shock of a lifetime when she learns that her mother Jean is serving her at dinner.

In earlier episodes of EastEnders, the cleaner was last seen in Albert Square as she turned herself in to medical personnel for her mental health.

Before this, she and Stacey got into a heated disagreement that led to Stacey being sent to the hospital.

Stacey struggled to accept the idea of her mother going back to the hospital, but she eventually came to terms with it and started getting ready for her to come home.

Given that Jean wasn’t residing alone at the campground, Stacey is in for a few surprises.

Actress Laila Morse will return to the show as her recognisable character Big Mo, as promised by EastEnders executives.

But how will Stacey react when she finds her mother has left the hospital without even warning her?

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