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EastEnders spoilers: Stevie reveals secret Mitchell family

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According to our EastEnders spoilers, Stevie’s admission that he has been concealing a secret family outside of Walford will cause the Mitchell family to undergo a sequence of shocking disclosures.

Stevie, Billy’s estranged father, recently showed here hoping to get back in touch with his son. Billy and the Mitchells were apprehensive at first, but after a while they warmed up to Stevie and allowed him to stay and see his grandchildren.

Billy’s world will come crashing down, though, when he finds out that Stevie has been concealing a family.

EastEnders spoilers: More Mitchells

As Teddy, Stevie’s son, comes with his sons Harry and Barney along for the ride, the plot takes shape. Teddy quickly receives more than he had anticipated, though, when he meets Billy, Phil, and the other Mitchells.

At that point, Stevie admits that Teddy is Billy’s half-brother. This results in the startling discovery that a whole new Mitchell family branch is lurking in the shadows.

But who are these sons of Teddy’s?

EastEnders bosses reveal ‘seismic shock’ as more Mitchells arrive

Teddy Mitchell will be portrayed by actor Roland Manookian. The Football Factory, RocknRolla, and The Rise of the Footsoldier are the three movies for which the actor is most well-known. Lewis Bridgeman plays Barney, the son, and Elijah Holloway plays Harry, the son.

“I’m delighted to welcome Roland, Elijah, and Lewis to EastEnders as we bring a new branch of the iconic Mitchell family to the Square,” executive producer Chris Clenshaw remarked in reference to the new Mitchell males.

Billy will have a seismic shock at the arrival of Teddy, Harry, and Barney, while Phil will be unwelcomely surprised. Teddy and his sons are thrown into the center of the drama, and the Mitchell family soon finds themselves at war as a result of their arrival raising more questions than it does answers.

The new Mitchells speak out

Actor Roland Manookian discussed his role as Teddy, saying, “He’s a mysterious guy with traditional values, but he’s also aware of modernity.” It’s a delightful section to gnaw on.

“Harry has a lot of charm and swagger, but he’s got a bit of a temper, too,” stated Elijah, who plays Harry. He’s ready to shake things up in true Mitchell fashion since he can’t resist trouble or the ladies!”

Lewis, who plays Barney, said, “I’m excited to see how he grows and develops in Albert Square. Barney is an interesting character to explore because of his more introverted nature compared to the other members of his family.”

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