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EastEnders spoilers tonight: Bianca overhears Reiss asking sick wife Debbie for money

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This Monday, June 10, EastEnders spoilers reveal that Bianca is wary of Reiss and chooses to accompany him while he pays Debbie a visit at the assisted living facility.

Then, as she reveals his secret, she hears him pleading with his ailing wife for more money.

Will Bianca, however, let Sonia know what she learned from the EastEnders spoilers?

EastEnders spoilers: Bianca rumbles Reiss’ secret

While Bianca keeps an eye on him at all times, Reiss does his best to console a distraught Sonia.

Reiss informs Kat that she didn’t give him the money she owed him back in February in an attempt to get his hands on some quick cash.

Bianca follows Reiss to the assisted living facility because she has strong concerns after speaking with Kat and Jay in The Vic.

Reiss visits Debbie, but as soon as Bianca learns everything, he wants her to borrow more money. Will she share her knowledge with Sonia?

EastEnders spoilers: Linda gets some unwanted news

Ahead of Father’s Day, Johnny and Elaine make an effort to cheer Linda up while she muses over Mick.

But when Bernie tells Linda that Keanu’s burial is on Thursday, Linda is shocked. Her desire is to have the wake held in The Vic.

As Linda leaves to deliver Sharon the news, Bernie informs her first while Johnny searches for his mother.

Then, he and Sharon discover Linda drunk in the barrel shop. Can they help her?

Billy and Stevie make plans

Billy and Stevie arrange to go on a Father’s Day fishing trip after Mo gives them some advice. Will it go smoothly?

Kim and Howie return

Denzel and Nugget host a party back at Kim and Howie’s place but get a shock when the couple return home as the event reaches it’s peak…

EastEnders spoilers: Junior helps Ian out

At Cindy’s request, Ian goes to the Boxing Den in an effort to get in shape. Junior leaves Ian to be trained while Peter goes to see Lauren.

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