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EastEnders spoilers tonight: Junior suspicious as Cindy tries to get George back

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Tonight, Monday, June 3, EastEnders spoilers reveal that Cindy tries to support Anna after learning that she was recently mugged.

Subsequently, she attempts to approach George more closely while Junior observes her with growing distrust.

However, will Cindy succeed in her attempts to win George back in EastEnders spoilers?

EastEnders spoilers: Junior is suspicious

In Walford this evening, Ian tells Cindy about Anna’s mugging while Kathy calls Cindy a terrible mother.

Cindy tries to persuade Anna to speak with Jack, but she is reluctant to involve the police.

Cindy goes to the Boxing Den with George to examine the CCTV after failing to give Ian priority.

After their daughter arrives and expresses her displeasure at seeing them drink together at home, the two talk about supporting Anna.

Cindy doesn’t wait long to try to win George back, but he tells her to go. But Junior observes the entire exchange warily from a distance. Does he really need to be concerned?

EastEnders spoilers: Ravi questions Vinny’s loyalty

After talking to Nish about their concerns regarding Vinny’s allegiance, Ravi leaves to make sure Vinny is supporting Nish.

Ravi seems to believe Vinny’s lies when he tells him he’s being sincere.

With his son’s assurance that he will always be there for him, Nish is relieved.

Later on, though, Vinny teams up with Suki and they discuss their strategy for claiming what is rightfully theirs.

Harvey’s friendship is on the line

After Harvey misplaces Maya’s phone number, he enlists Tommy’s assistance in finding his new pal on the internet. Can he locate her?

Reiss worries

Reiss confesses to Sonia that he lost a significant client tonight and is stressed out due to financial concerns. Can Sonia make him feel better?

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