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EastEnders’ Stacey Slater’s life in danger as stalker breaks in while she’s alone

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Viewers of EastEnders have witnessed Stacey Slater running for her life after learning that Theo Hawthrone was her enigmatic stalker.

In upcoming scenes, it appears that Stacey Slater from EastEnders (Lacey Turner) will experience more stalking hell.

Theo Hawthorne (William Ellis), who offered to tutor Stacey’s daughter Lily Slater (Lillia Turner), first appeared in the lives of viewers earlier this year.

Despite the fact that it initially appeared to be a kind gesture, things quickly took a sinister turn when it became clear he had been obsessing over Stacey by sending her gifts and paying for her content on an adult website.

Stacey was terrified of Theo when she learned the truth about him the night Lily gave birth, especially after learning that he had brought the house next door.

Theo’s behavior is about to get worse again because he believes they are meant to be together, according to official BBC One soap opera spoilers.

Stacey is anxious before the hearing for her Stalking Protection Order against Theo in scenes that will air next week.

When Martin Fowler (James Bye) reveals to her the posters Theo has plastered all over the Square with her Secret Cam images, her initial concern quickly turns to rage.

She rushes to confront Theo, who is getting ready to go to court in his best suit, in a fit of rage.

Stacey decides to attend the hearing and speak because she is concerned that the magistrate might be persuaded by the fact that he is so well-dressed.

Before Theo’s attorney, Mr. Rath, addresses the court, Stavey hears DS Garrett present the case against Theo.

But as his attorney completely dismantles Stacey’s reputation and character, she sees red and is unable to hold back, which will have serious repercussions for Stacey.

Theo makes it clear to Stacey that nothing has changed for him, making it appear as though the hearing hasn’t the least bit scared him.

He is certain that Stacey loves him just as much as he does and that they were meant to be together, despite her attempts to file a lawsuit.

Later that day, Theo decides to break into Stacey’s home again while she is home alone.

But as a startling incident takes place, viewers will be left wondering what Stacey will face next.

Could there be a risk to her life? And with no one nearby to assist her, what does Theo intend to do?

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