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EastEnders theory: Grant Mitchell in dramatic return after Sharon’s ‘next flight’ clue

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After Sharon Mitchell revealed her ex-lover was on the next aircraft to the UK, EastEnders watchers who have been waiting impatiently for Ross Kemp’s portrayal of the Albert Square bad boy may not have to wait for too much longer. How will the younger Mitchell brother make his second significant comeback from six years away from Walford?

The alienated Grant called Sharon (played by Letitia Dean) on Monday night’s episode after the character had been mentioned several times during the program.

A close-up of Sharon’s phone showed a call from Grant, who is presently rebuilding his life in the Algarve, during a heated argument she was having with her on-and-off lover Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden).along with his younger sibling.Grant had promised to return to Albert Square in the near future, according to Sharon, who relayed this to a furious Phil.


a sentimental Sharon clarified: “He had kindness. I was a total wreck and bawling like a baby. He was reassuring. He promised to arrive on the following aircraft.”

After a particularly dramatic week that saw Phil appear to come back from the dead, this drove EastEnders viewers into a frenzy.

According to rumors, the owner of the Arches was assassinated while incarcerated for the murder of Vincent Hubbard (Richard Blackwood).

The majority of the Square gathered to honor the life of the grizzled businessman’s late mother, whose name the bar bears, as he returned to the new location Peggy’s.

When Grant was last seen on the soap opera in 2016, he gave his brother Phil a motivational speech in the famed Arches garage.

He stated then why he made the decision to leave the Square once more and start over in Portugal.

He admitted to Phil that he was Courtney’s lousy father at the time and that Walford had nothing to offer him. What may have happened to cause such a change in his perspective?

Now that his big brother is (somehow) out of jail, Grant might be seeking to conquer Walford with Phil after their cozy discussion or he might be making one final move for his ex-girlfriend Sharon.


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