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EastEnders: Whitney baby name leaves fans unimpressed: ‘The names just get stupider’

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In the Thursday, May 16, episode of EastEnders that aired last night, Whitney gave birth to her baby girl at the hospital.

She then brought Britney and Bianca together and told them her baby name.

Fans, however, aren’t overly fond of Whitney’s choice of name for the infant daughter.

EastEnders: Whitney gave birth

Whitney went into labor yesterday evening in Walford, trapping herself and Lauren inside the taco van.

Bianca managed to break them out of the van, before they headed off to the hospital.

Bianca and Lauren assisted Whitney during the birth while Zack arrived at Whitney’s side from the Sten-do.

Zack came to see them both just as Whitney gave birth to a baby girl. Zack and Lauren made a vow to hide Zack’s infidelity because they were feeling bad about it.

However, Britney had overheard their chat and was now aware of the reality regarding Zack and Lauren’s shared sleeping arrangements.

Britney looked at Zack apprehensively as they all posed for a family photo with the new baby.

Whitney then disclosed that their new baby girl was named Dolly, completely unaware of the tension.

EastEnders fans struggle to get behind Whitney baby name choice

Recently, singer Charli XCX inspired Lily Slater to name her infant Charli. As of right now, Whitney has named her child Dolly, and viewers believe that the soap opera’s baby name choices are only growing worse.

“Dolly!” wrote a fan. Well, don’t the names just keep getting dumber? At least they didn’t refer to her as something bizarre like Zendaya, I guess.

“OMG GET AN ACTUAL GRIP,” a disgruntled fan exclaimed. I’m relieved that she’s going now. She gives babies the worst names possible. DOLLY DEAN HUDSON

“Imagine waiting nine months to give birth only to name it Dolly,” jokingly said a third fan.

Will Britney reveal Zack’s secret?

According to next week’s EastEnders spoilers, Whitney walks down the aisle with Dolly at her side.

But Britney breaks the silence as Zack and Whit exchange vows, revealing that Zack and Lauren had slept together! Will anyone, though, accept her?

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