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EastEnders: ‘Why is Bianca still here?’ fans question as they call her ‘insufferable’

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Fans of the soap opera EastEnders have been pointing out how “insufferable” Bianca Jackson has been in recent scenes and wondering why she is still hanging around Walford.

Bianca went back to the Square to see her sister Sonia and stepdaughter Whitney, among other friends and family. She found out that Zack had cheated on Whitney with Lauren when she got there.

Bianca’s back in town… still

Bianca pushed Zack and Lauren to come clean, but she remained silent about what she had discovered, which caused her to have a falling out with Whitney when she eventually discovered what they had done.

Whitney left Zack and Bianca behind and moved out of Walford with her newborn daughter Dolly and her contentious adoptee Britney. But now that the plot is over and Whitney is no longer around, what more use does Bianca have? especially considering that rumors suggested she was only ever back to complete Whit’s exit story.

Because of how “insufferable” Bianca has grown, fans are now questioning why she is still in the game.

‘Why is Bianca still here?’ EastEnders fans ask

As new episodes of X aired, many fans wrote on the show, wondering why Bianca was still there.

“Is Bianca going to leave soon, or will she be returning?” one fan inquired.

‘Why is Bianca still here?’ asked another.

‘I’m tired of Bianca tbh,’ said a third.

‘Bianca is insufferable,’ another fan wrote.

Bianca and Reiss have clashed in this week’s episodes. She is furious with Whitney for not having forgiven her, and she has vented her resentment by making fun of and demeaning Reiss in front of Sonia and other people.

Feeling offended, Reiss retaliated by telling Sonia that he wanted Bianca out of the house.

Has Bianca already overstayed her welcome?

Bianca catches Reiss out

The following week, Bianca follows Reiss after growing suspicious of him. After he tries to convince Kat that she hasn’t paid her tax bill for February, she gets the feeling that something isn’t quite right.

Bianca follows Reiss to an assisted living facility, where she overhears him pleading with Debbie for another loan. When Reiss realizes she has caught him red-handed, she is appalled.

Bianca threatens to tell Sonia immediately, or she will. How will Sonia respond, though?

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