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Emmerdale: Belle defended by fans after publicly attacking Tom

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Belle was moved to tears last night on Thursday, May 23, in Emmerdale, as she paid tribute to her late mother Lisa on her anniversary.

Belle became enraged with Tom’s disparaging remarks about Lisa and pushed him to the ground.

Fans of Emmerdale have now taken Belle’s side, applauding her for at last confronting her violent husband.

Emmerdale: Belle shoved Tom to the ground

Belle was grieving her mother on the fifth anniversary of her passing yesterday evening when she heard a song that made her think of Lisa.

Belle was told by Tom to wait in for a package on her day off while he feigned ignorance of Lisa’s anniversary.

After that, Belle and Piper left the house to go to Lisa’s memorial picnic with Sam and Lydia, but they were unable to make it.

Tom was so upset that Belle had not received the package that he quickly made deplorable remarks about Lisa.

In a massive tantrum, Belle shoved Tom to the ground outside after she realized that, after all, he did know that it was an important day.

As her family witnessed the incident, they assumed that Belle had attacked her husband and put Tom in the victim role.

Emmerdale fans declare themselves Team Belle after outburst

Following Belle’s decision to confront Tom, admirers have now taken to social media to express their happiness with her actions from last night.

“Nice one Belle,” said a fan. Now put a stop to this and give him a kick to the head.

“When I tell you my jaw was on the ground when Tom said that!!” yelled another Emmerdale watcher. Completely repulsive. GO FOR IT, BELLE!

“Yeah push him Belle, nice one,” said a third.

What’s next for Belle after her Tom outburst?

Following Belle’s highly publicized tantrum from yesterday, Tom keeps acting like the victim.

Will anyone accept his suggestion that Belle is the one in need of expert assistance, as he has already suggested to Liam? Or will Belle eventually stop being abused by Tom?

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