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Emmerdale: Belle lashing out at Mandy turns fans against her: ‘That’s all my sympathy gone’

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In the Emmerdale episode that aired last night (Wednesday, May 15), Mandy asked Belle if she still intended to pursue a pregnancy.

Mandy’s concerns weren’t something Belle liked to hear, so she confronted her about her actions while in the Woolpack.

After Belle’s outburst, Emmerdale fans have now turned their backs on her and supported Mandy.

Emmerdale: Mandy worried about Belle

Belle recently admitted to Mandy that she wanted to put off trying for a child because she wasn’t ready to have children.

But Tom later revealed that they were trying for a child at the dinner party. Mandy was shocked to hear this.

Belle was asked by Mandy last night if her plans had not changed. She was concerned that Belle might find parenting too demanding, particularly given her past struggles with mental illness.

Belle clarified that she would keep taking her medication and that she could manage a career and a child.

Mandy later asked Belle to come over for a drink in the pub. But Belle then snapped at Mandy for implying that she wouldn’t be able to care for a child, even with Tom by her side.

Then Mandy revealed to Belle that she was worried about her and that she was only watching out for her.

Emmerdale fans turn on Belle following outburst in pub

Fans have now stated that they are no longer supporting Belle because of the way Tom is tearing Belle away from her family and the way Belle is criticizing Mandy.

They believe that rather than taking her frustrations out on her loved ones, she ought to realize how domineering Tom is.

“That’s all my sympathy gone for ya Belle!” exclaimed one person. Wishing you luck!

Another said, “Ohh, Belle, shut up.” Are you serious? It’s you who is the object of manipulation.

“No way is Belle turning on my Mandy?” inquired a third viewer. Whoa.

Will Belle stand up to Tom?

Next week’s Emmerdale spoilers show that on Lisa’s death anniversary, Belle finally resists her abusive husband’s attempts to control her.

Belle publicly pushes Tom to the ground after growing tired of the way he treats her, while Tom attempts to make himself appear the victim. Who will accept Belle’s account of what happened? Or has she increased her risk of injury?

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