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Emmerdale: Belle needs to have an abortion, fans insist, as she discovers she’s pregnant

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After learning that Belle King is pregnant, viewers of Emmerdale are concerned. Furthermore, they are demanding that the unstable recently married woman take immediate action to get away from her violent husband, Tom.

The followers even believe Belle ought to get an abortion!

Is that going too far, though?

Belle is anticipating

This week, Belle’s pregnancy was confirmed by nurse Wendy in Emmerdale at the doctor’s office.

Not surprisingly, though, she is not delighted to be expecting.

She is, after all, stuck in a violent, abusive marriage with Tom, and she fears that bearing his child will make it impossible for her to leave.

Escape route?

Though Belle admitted to Wendy that she wasn’t sure what she wanted, it seems it’s too late as first Tom finds out, then the rest of the village.

But could she still find a way out? The viewers definitely think so. They’ve taken to social media to insist that the only thing Belle can do is have an abortion.

“If Belle keeps this baby Tom will be in her life forever,” warned a viewer. Adding: “I know what I’d do.”

Another fan was more direct. “Don’t have his baby,” the fan begged. While another simply said: “Get out now.”

Do you think Belle should keep her baby?

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