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Emmerdale: Cain to kill Tom over his abuse of Belle, fans predict

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Tom struck Belle in last night’s Emmerdale episode (Thursday, May 16) after she made some jokes about him with Mandy and Lydia.

Belle ran away from her violent husband to give her some space because she was so afraid of him.

Fans of Emmerdale have now predicted that Cain will act after learning about the abuse from Belle.

Emmerdale: Tom hit Belle

Tom saw that Belle was showing Lydia and Mandy around the puppy cam yesterday when he checked in from the Dales.

Then he heard them talking, and he realized they were making jokes behind his back about him.

Tom then put a smile on his face for Mandy and Lydia and headed back home. But after the visitors left, Tom’s perspective shifted.

Before slapping Belle in the kitchen, he brought up the remarks. Belle fled upstairs to hide in the bathroom, terrified for her life.

Later, she came out to confront Tom about his abuse and threatened to dissolve their marriage. She threatened to call Cain and tell him everything if Tom didn’t leave.

Then he left the house to give Belle some space, fearing she would tell someone.

Emmerdale fans predict Cain will kill Tom over abuse

Given that Belle brought up getting Cain involved, fans now believe that Cain will murder Tom after learning of Tom’s appalling treatment of Belle.

After all, Cain always looks out for his own, and fans are cautioning Tom to be careful.

A fan remarked, “EMMERDALE…It is urgent that Tom be exposed. I’m eagerly awaiting Cain & The Dingle clan’s episode to [bleep] him up.

“I can’t wait for Cain to rip Tom’s head off,” said a second viewer.

“Can’t wait for Cain & Mandy to put that psycho six foot under!” exclaimed a third Emmerdale fan.

Will Cain teach Tom a lesson?

Although Cain has recently been letting go of his “bad boy” persona, he is never afraid to reveal his darker side in order to protect his family.

When the truth about Tom’s mistreatment of Belle is revealed, he won’t be pleased. Will he, however, exact revenge on Tom by sending him to an early grave?

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