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Emmerdale: Chloe Harris exacts the ultimate retaliation by sleeping with a family member of Mack Boyd

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Chloe Harris of Emmerdale desperately wants to have a happy ending with Mackenzie Boyd, but will things end badly for the couple on the ITV soap opera?

When the truth is discovered, Chloe Harris, portrayed by Emmerdale’s Jessie Elland, may seek revenge on Charity Dingle, played by Emma Atkins.

Currently, Chloe is unaware that her boyfriend Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) recently had a secret relationship with Charity.

When Chloe learns about their romance in subsequent scenes, will everything come crumbling down?

Upon being asked how Chloe will feel upon learning of Mack’s betrayal, Jessie replied, “I think it will really devastate her, to the point we might see her react and respond on a level we have never seen from her before.”

The Emmerdale actor said, “It’s literally her worst fear brought to life.”

The serial star responded to a question about the potential victim of Chloe’s revenge affair by saying, “I think the only affair that would rile Mackenzie would be one with someone close to home — maybe if he had a long-lost twin brother she could hunt down and start a relationship with.”

Will Chloe finally exact her vengeance on Charity by having an affair with someone close to him?

Only a few months after the birth of their son Reuben, Mack proposes to Chloe in future Emmerdale scenes after mistakenly thinking she is expecting.

However, because Mack still appears to have affections for Charity, their relationship is still in a precarious position.

Will Charity be the one to tell Chloe the truth, or will he ever come clean about his affair?

As much as she loves Mackenzie and their little family, Chloe is quite insecure about his feelings for her, Jessie continued.

Chloe can’t get rid of the notion that her relationship with Mackenzie might end the same way because of her past experiences with losing friends and having people leave her.

Chloe’s situation worsens when she realizes she isn’t pregnant and is unsure of how to inform Mack.

She is really concerned that this would ruin her relationship and future with Mackenzie, according to Jessie.

She is so unsure of his affections for her that she believes he only asked her to marry him because she is expecting. She therefore believes that if she tells him it’s a false alarm, he would break up with her, which is the last thing she wants.

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