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Emmerdale ‘confirms’ Ella’s sinister link to killer Meena as fan spots sign

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Fans of Emmerdale are certain that Ella Forster and Meena Jutla have a significant relationship after a significant hint was revealed in the episode that aired last night.

The surprising connection between Meena Jutla and Ella Forster has been clarified by Emmerdale.

The ITV drama has revealed a fascinating relationship between Ella and Meena after a major clue was revealed in yesterday’s episode. Oddly enough, rumors about Ella’s true identity have been circulating more and more since Leyla found out that Ella isn’t her real name.

However, a new piece of information points to Ella’s involvement with Meena, the murderress who is believed to be serving time in prison for killing multiple villagers, including Dr. Liam Cavanagh’s daughter.

On Reddit, an ardent fan shared a crucial insight into Ella’s identity mystery. They exclaimed, “I couldn’t help but notice this in last night’s episode,” as they pointed out the newspaper with Meena on the front in the photo that appeared next to Ella’s bag.

The front page of the newspaper features Meena’s charges. Since they were next to Ella’s handbag, it’s safe to assume it’s hers. This must be an old article because it doesn’t make sense for it to be making headlines years after it happened (especially since it seems to be talking about either her being charged or sentenced).

“What would she be doing with a Meena-related old newspaper? Perhaps I’m taking this too seriously.”

Supporters were quick to offer their own theories in response. A fan conjectured: “My hypothesis is that she was Meena’s previous cellmate.”

“Before Ella was freed and arrived in the village in December 2023, Meena was arrested in April 2022; therefore, it’s possible that they lived together for a considerable amount of time. If Ella has been released from jail after a lengthy stay, it is more likely that she is using a new name or identity.

“Meena may have been the first inmate to show her ‘kindness’ (a typical manipulative Meena move) and Ella may now feel in debt to her, especially as we’ve seen that Ella seemingly doesn’t have any friends or family,” according to the Mirror.

“I’m swaying towards Ella having done time inside, perhaps something as a child,” pondered a different fan. Contemplating killing her friend who was in the photo with her by mistake and then feeling guilty about contacting June, the victim’s relative? I’m not sure if Meena’s incarceration is related to the time Leyla and Suzie claimed they discovered the article with Ella in it.

In the meantime, another suggestion was made: “I believe Ella is under witness protection.” Someone said, “That would explain everything about June, since the staff would have no idea that Ella is family (assuming June is her mother).”

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