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Emmerdale, Corrie and EastEnders episode guide amid death, heartache and secrets exposed

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Emmerdale is lining up the reveal of a huge secret, while Corrie and EastEnders air worrying scenes – and there’s tragedy too

This week, viewers of Emmerdale, EastEnders, and Coronation Street can expect some dramatic events, including health worries, a heartbreaking death, and the revelation of important truths.

A tragic death is coming to EastEnders, and a local citizen confesses to being the murderer.

One Corrie resident conceals her persistent medical concerns, and a different character might kill once again.

Leyla Harding’s falsehoods are ultimately exposed elsewhere in Emmerdale, and baby Thomas is rushed to the hospital.

This week’s schedule for all three soap operas is provided here, so you can see exactly what will happen when.

With this daily spoiler guide, we have you prepared for everything from the mysterious Weathefield occurrences to the most recent episodes of EastEnders and Emmerdale.

Kelly’s captors inform Gary and Maria that they must pay £50,000 to secure Kelly’s freedom.

As Aggie warns, Debbie and Ronnie are astounded. Wendy explains her relationship with Ken to Abi.

Frank feels uncomfortable around Dylan, and Fiz and Tyrone go to their first counseling appointment as a couple.

Wednesday 8pm

Kelly is astounded by Gary’s willingness to go to such lengths to fight her kidnappers.

Fiz is dropped to the ground as a result of Phill’s attempts to win her back. Gail’s birthday dinner arrangements don’t sit well with Audrey.

Aggie threatens Debbie while Frank is upset.

Friday 8pm

While Audrey makes a covert trip to the hospital and Phill holds the reins of power, Audrey lies about her health.

Abi offers excellent news for Kevin, and Yasmeen makes an effort to assist Stu. Kelly questions Gary about whether he intends to kill Kieron, forcing him to make a quick decision.


Monday 7:30pm

Nicola worries that a girl might have been attacked as a result of her social media post.

Leyla and David argue, and she eventually drives him crazy with her gesture toward Jacob.

Tuesday 7:30pm

Leyla struggles after ingesting cocaine the previous night and eventually comes to regret her gesture to Jacob.

Leyla is deluged with questions from Kim and Vanessa, and when she is unable to respond, Kim fires her as her wedding coordinator.

Amelia is frightened when Dan questions her about her love life, and David reveals Leyla’s secret and swears to tell Liam the truth.

Wednesday 7:30pm

Leyla informs David that she has quit using cocaine, but will he be honest with Liam?

When Vanessa suggests throwing a party to celebrate Rhona and Marlon’s engagement, she is skeptical.

Amelia is happy that she and Noah are becoming more intimate. Matty confesses that Suzy truly owned the drugs that caused Laurel and Jai to break up.

Thursday 7:30pm (hour long)

While watching Thomas, Amelia starts to feel queasy and nauseated, and she ends up dumping him after passing out.

She is shortly interrogated as Thomas and Amelia receive medical attention at the hospital as she lies about what occurred.

Jai struggles, Marlon becomes anxious at the prospect of going back to the Woolpack, and Charles wonders if he should get in touch with Naomi.

Friday 7:30pm

After Thomas’ fall, Gabby is concerned about a visit from social services. A discovery has Jai upset.

Mandy at the salon catches Sandra off guard.


Monday 7:30pm

When Kathy learns something troubling, things quickly spiral out of control as Ben and Rocky tensions rise.

Ben attempts to strike Rocky but accidentally strikes Kathy.

After a heartfelt discussion about their past with Mitch, Avery passes away. Suki makes an effort to atone.

Tuesday 7:30pm

Ben continues to drive people away when Kheerat tries to approach him. When Ben yells at Kathy, she won’t talk to him again until he gets assistance.

A devastating revelation regarding Avery is made, and a grieving local resorts to drug use.

Wednesday 7:30pm

When Kheerat notices that Ben is euphoric after taking more drugs, he takes him back to the Panesars’ home.

One character is in peril after a killer bombshell, while one family is in shock. Telling Felix and Finlay the truth makes Mitch and Karen uncomfortable.

Thursday 7:30pm

Ben’s shocking revelation shocks the Panesar family. When Phil admits he saw Ben high, Kathy becomes increasingly concerned for him.

As Frankie and Lola, Jay had fun on the town.

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