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Monday, June 17, 2024

Emmerdale double exit as Ruby and Tom’s fate confirmed after two ‘murders’

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On Tuesday night, Emmerdale took a tragic turn that devastated two families.

In the most recent Emmerdale episode, Rebecca Sarker’s character Manpreet Sharma had to break the heartbreaking news that Emile John’s character, Ethan Anderson, had passed away.

His mother, Claudette Anderson (Flo Wilson), and father, Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin), sobbed because they did not know why the young man, who was healthy, would die out of the blue.

Manpreet explained with tears that there would be an autopsy and a furious Before Ruby Fox Milligan (Beth Cordingly), Charles uttered the words, “We know what happened, he was run over.” Come on, after being knocked down a few days ago, he’s already… It’s homicide.

“I swear by all mighty God I will not rest until this person pays for what they have done.”

Will Ruby leave the village before the autopsy is completed? It was revealed last week that she had run Ethan over and left him bleeding on the side of a country road.

In another scene, James Chase’s villainous veterinarian Tom King fatally injected his dog Piper, making the small creature very ill.

He intentionally injected the dog—it’s unclear if he gave her a dose high enough to kill her—in an attempt to persuade his mistreated wife Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor Draper) to come see him.

Belle was devastated to hear the disturbing news about Piper’s poor health from Lydia Dingle (Karen Blick).

After months of abuse at the hands of Tom, Belle is currently in a mental health facility; however, when speaking with the staff at the center, it seems that Belle is placing the blame on herself.

If Piper doesn’t recover, she will undoubtedly go into a deep depression because she loves that dog so much and feels bad about leaving him with the evil Tom.

On the ITV soap opera, viewers are aware of Tom’s violent and domineering nature, but is he really that deranged to kill his own dog?

If Belle thinks he killed their dog, will he have to leave the village too? He would undoubtedly lose his position as a veterinarian should his terrible secret become public.

Over the past few days, viewers have been shaken by the upsetting scenes involving Tom and Piper, and a growing number of fans have taken to Twitter to express their concerns.

Maddie stated: “You shouldn’t show such disturbing scenes, the human abuse is bad enough, it needs to be over asap.”

Another said: “I apologize! However, this is getting to be too much at this point. I know these plots are meant to raise awareness, but this one needs to stop right away. I won’t watch again until Tom is gone.”

“These scenes can be distressing to watch, but we want to remind you that Minnie (AKA Piper) is a very good actor and is always living her best life on set!” Emmerdale wrote in a post on Monday night, reassuring viewers. We can attest that she has not suffered any injuries at all.”

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