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Emmerdale: Ella is connected to Meena insist fans as they spot newspaper clue

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In the Emmerdale episode from yesterday, Wednesday, May 29, Leyla entered Liam’s home and proceeded to snoop around in Ella’s bag.

After Leyla was apprehended by Ella, she was told to leave, but something on the table has drawn the attention of fans.

Fans of Emmerdale have now discovered a significant detail in Ella’s newspaper that may connect her to Meena Jutla!

Emmerdale: Leyla’s suspicious of Ella

Leyla told Liam last night that she thought Ella might be hiding something, but he dismissed her concerns.

Leyla entered Liam’s home with her extra key, making sure all was well before poking around.

She then began searching Ella’s bag and took a picture of Ella as a young child and pocketed it. When Ella saw Leyla downstairs, she told her to stop going through her stuff and go away.

When Leyla noticed that there weren’t many records of someone named Ella Forster, she began looking up Ella online.

When Leyla saw that the girls’ names were Joanne and Ruth on the back of the picture, she began to question whether Ella was telling the truth about who she really was.

The only online record of Ella was when she participated in a funrun five years prior, decked out as Wonder Woman.

Emmerdale fans spot ‘evidence’ that Ella is connected to Meena

Fans noticed that there was a newspaper with an article about Meena Jutla on Ella’s table when Leyla was looking through her belongings.

Fans have since deduced that Ella and Meena are related in some way based on this significant hint.

“Leyla is crazy on Emmerdale, everyone says, but why did Ella have a newspaper article of Meena on the table?” questioned one fan. Either she knows Meena and is preserving old papers as a memento, or it’s a recent newspaper article about Meena possibly escaping from prison? Leyla might have a point.

“Anyone else notice the newspaper on the table at Liam’s house when Leyla walked in?” inquired a second person.

“Please tell me that wasn’t Meena on the front of that newspaper?” inquired a third viewer.

What is Ella’s secret?

After seeing June in a nursing home, viewers are aware that Ella has been keeping something from Liam.

Sadly, Ella concealed June’s passing from Liam, and she passed away shortly after. What is Ella’s secret, though? What is she concealing, too?

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