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Emmerdale: Ella is Mandy’s long-lost daughter, a new fan theory predicts

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Ella visited an elderly woman at a care facility in last night’s Emmerdale episode (Thursday, May 23) before Manpreet interrupted her.

After promising to keep the care home visit a secret, Manpreet was able to get a lift home from Ella.

According to a recent fan theory on Emmerdale, Ella might be Mandy Dingle’s long-lost daughter!

Emmerdale: Ella has a secret

Earlier this week, Manpreet discovered Ella dozing off in her car, and she informed Liam of Ella’s predicament.

After Ella temporarily moved into Liam’s spare room, Mandy began questioning Ella about her family.

Ella, pretending to be protective of her belongings, defensively snatched back the childhood photo she had given Mandy.

She then hopped in her car and went to see a person who was receiving care. The woman was going through some old stuff and reliving memories with Ella, giving the impression that she had dementia.

Ella continued by telling the woman that they had experienced a difficult situation together in the past.

While visiting the care facility for a medical appointment with a patient, Manpreet noticed Ella and confronted her about her actions.

Manpreet agreed to keep quiet when Ella revealed that it was a secret because the woman held a special place in her heart.

Emmerdale fan theory: Ella is Mandy’s daughter?

Ella and Mandy have developed a friendship, and one fan believes that they have “worked out” Ella’s secret because Ella doesn’t want Mandy to see her old pictures.

According to a recent fan theory, Ella might actually be Mandy Dingle’s long-lost relative.

“Catching up on Emmerdale and this Ella..??!?!,” goes the fan theory. Is she going to be the long-lost daughter of Mandy?

But is this the reason she and Mandy are so close? Is she hiding who she really is from her?

Is Ella related to Mandy?

Ella is obviously hiding something from everyone, but it is evident. Nonetheless, she has always acted very circumspect when someone inquires about her family.

But could it be that she’s a relative of Mandy’s? What is Ella’s secret exactly?

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