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Emmerdale: Ella is Meena ‘murder victim’ Nadine, fans predict

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Ella was discovered sleeping in her car by Manpreet during last night’s Emmerdale episode (Tuesday, May 21), and she ultimately moved in with Liam.

But then she became really shady and attacked Mandy when she picked up one of her old pictures.

Fans of Emmerdale have now discovered a significant hint suggesting Ella may not be who she claims to be.

Emmerdale: Ella moved in with Liam

Manpreet went for a run and noticed Ella dozing off in her car. When she confronted her, she quickly discovered that she had been kicked out of her apartment and had nowhere to go.

Manpreet later let Liam in on Ella’s predicament with a big mouthful. As a temporary fix, Liam then offered Ella the spare room at his house.

After Ella reluctantly consented to move in, Mandy started enquiring about her family.

When Mandy saw a picture of two small kids, she asked Ella if she was in it. Then she took it from her and put on a very defensive show regarding the picture.

Ella then admitted to Mandy that she was just very protective of her belongings, which was obviously uncomfortable.

Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ Ella real identity after spotting clue

Two young girls, one a brunette and the other a redhead, were seen grinning together in Ella’s picture.

Fans believe that the picture is of Nadine and her sister because they recall that Nadine’s sister had red hair when she made an appearance in the Dales years ago. implying that Ella might be Nadine after all. Yes, this would imply that Meena was not, after all, the murderer of her friend Nadine! Additionally, some fans speculate that Ella might be another of Nadine’s sisters if this isn’t the case.

A fan posted, asking, “Ella is Nadine!? Tell me I’m not crazy, please.

And yet another tweet said, “ELLA IS NADINE!!!” SHE WAS NEVER DEATH.

“Hmmm, any chance Ella is Nadine’s sister?” inquired another viewer.

Another person added, “It might be Meena’s friend, nurse Nadine. Nadine knew Jai, Rishi, Manpreet, and so on. I thought Nadine was a very sweet character. I might be in error.

One fan concluded by saying, “I believe Ella is using a false name.” Is she the sister of Nadine? Meena and Ella in a photo?

Could Ella be linked to Nadine?

Ella has felt a little uneasy whenever Meena has been brought up.

Furthermore, one of the girls in the picture did resemble Nadine’s sister. But is Ella really Nadine? Or perhaps another sister of Nadine? Does she have ties to Meena?

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