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Emmerdale: Ethan has survived Ruby’s attack, but will he be so lucky next time? All that happens next!

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Ruby Fox-Miligan’s car in Emmerdale struck Ethan Anderson tonight. Even though it appeared like Ethan only had minor cuts and bruises, Ruby immediately threatened to kill him.

Will Ethan be as fortunate the next time? Emmerdale’s upcoming week is going to be incredible.

Ethan mowed down in Emmerdale

Nicky is in the hospital in a coma, so the Miligans and Dingles are not happy that Ethan has been going around the village.

Ethan was operating the vehicle when he and Nicky were involved in an accident. Ethan left Moira, who was dying, to look after Nicky because he was a little over the limit and didn’t want to risk his new job.

Ethan initially claimed he wasn’t involved, but Nicky has since been in a coma due to a brain bleed. However, Charles reported Ethan to the police after he confessed to his father, and Ethan was taken into custody. Additionally, the police have dashcam footage that establishes Ethan’s driving, which solidifies their case.

Ruby, who is incredibly eager for her son to wake up, didn’t find it acceptable that Ethan would almost certainly spend time behind bars. On Wednesday, May 22, while Ethan was out for his morning run, she made the decision to take matters into her own hands and knocked him down.

It was evident that Ethan knew who was driving, even though he insisted he was fine and didn’t see.

Ruby confronts Ethan

Ruby later made it plain that she had been behind the wheel of the car by waiting in the shadows of Ethan’s kitchen. Ethan informed her that he had seen and knew her. He went on to say that they were now even.

She responded by saying that she didn’t give a damn and that they weren’t even since Nicky was still unconscious.

“You better look both ways every time you cross the street, because if Nicky doesn’t make it, rest assured I will finish the job,” Ruby subsequently warned him.

Ethan was left shaking with fear and anger as he thought about what she had said.

Does Ethan die in Emmerdale?

Ethan overhears a startling exchange between Ruby and Rose as he gets ready for his court appearance the following week. As soon as possible, Ethan begins to worry about Dawn and makes the decision to spend his remaining free time helping her.

After Ethan confides in Charles, his father urges him to give Dawn a call. Thus, Ethan records a message for her.

Then, as they get ready for court, father and son have a moving talk. After a brief visit to the kitchen, Charles returns to discover Ethan sprawled out on the ground.

Hurrying in, Manpreet performs CPR on a defenseless Charles. Ethan doesn’t reply at all.

frightened Charles is worried about the worst, but will Ethan survive? Is the hit-and-run to blame for this? Or did Ruby complete the task as agreed upon?

Will Ethan pass away in Emmerdale next week?

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