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Emmerdale exit ‘sealed’ for Cain Dingle after upsetting family discovery

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The most recent spoilers for Emmerdale on ITV suggest that Cain Dingle might be leaving.

Jeff Hordley’s portrayal of Emmerdale legend Cain Dingle, who plays the village hard man, is a crucial component of the ITV serial drama.

Throughout the years, the character has been at the center of numerous significant storylines that have included sultry relationships, violent altercations, and numerous arrests.

In the past few years, after witnessing Cain’s adversary Al Chapman (Michael Wildman) and his young son Kyle Winchester (Huey Quinn) engaged in gunfire in a remote barn, Kyle killed Chapman.

Cain initially accepted responsibility for his 10-year-old son’s actions, but Kyle later told police that he was the one who killed Al.

The Dingles were greatly relieved when Kyle learned that the murder case against him had been dropped, ending months of worrying.

Later on, it was established that Kyle killed Al by accident when he saw him fighting with Cain.

Since then, Cain and Kyle have grown close to one another and have been working to turn their lives around.

ITV soap opera spoilers, however, indicate that Cain and Kyle might be permanently leaving the village.

In later scenes, after Kyle confesses he’s being bullied by his classmates at school once more, Cain thinks about leaving the Yorkshire Dales to give Kyle a fresh start.

Will Kyle ever be able to move past the terrible bullying that led to him shooting Al while still attending the same school?

In an attempt to start over, Cain, Kyle, and his partner Moira Barton (Natalie J Robb) might relocate to a different region of the nation.

But like their farm, which may be hard to sell or part with, their roots are in Emmerdale.

In a desperate attempt to get Kyle’s classmates to leave his little son alone, Cain may wind up giving them a lesson.

It might not work out, but at least it would be worth trying to keep them from having to move away from their cherished Yorkshire Dales.

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