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Emmerdale fans ‘figure out’ Matty Barton’s fate as he is questioned over Samson stabbing

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After inadvertently stabbing Samson Dingle after a dispute over alcohol, Matty Barton has been placed under custody.

After Matty Barton (Ash Palmisciano) was questioned by police regarding stabbing Samson Dingle (Sam Hall) in the most recent episode of the ITV soap opera, Emmerdale viewers think they have figured out what happened to him. Horrified viewers saw Josh, Samson’s new friend (Osian Morgan), show a hate for Matty on Thursday night, June 6.

Josh began calling Matty “she” after they got into a fight. Josh shoved Samson against Matty as the scene worsened, not realizing that he was holding a knife from a food tray he had been cleaning up, which wounded Samson.

Josh, however, was adamant that Matty had stabbed Samson on purpose as opposed to by accident, accusing the recentlywed of the crime. Matty told the cops, in tears, that he would never injure anyone. He asked how Samson was, choking on his tears, and was relieved to hear that his wounds weren’t life-threatening.

CCTV would have exonerated him, but Chris Bisson’s character Jai Sharma acknowledged there wasn’t any. “We’ve been trying to cut costs and the maintenance contract was really expensive,” Matty stated after being confronted by his mother and wife. Obviously, I regret that today.”

Samson gave a false statement to the police after Josh intimidated him and told him to keep to the tale. In addition, he sincerely assured his parents that he was being truthful.

After being freed from detention, a devastated Matty informed his family, “I kept telling the police what happened and it seemed like they didn’t want to believe me.”

Matty became even more irate when he learned that Samson was adhering to the lie from his stepdad, Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley).

He sobbed, “No one is going to believe me.” “The authorities will be forced to accuse me of knife crime. I could sink for many years.”

The plot alarmed several fans, who think they know what will happen to Matty. They shared their opinions on X, the former name of Twitter.

As mentioned by @RyanTheSoapking: “Yes, it was an accident. The Dingles, however, won’t give up on this. The Dingles will become very divided as a result, notably Cain/Moira Lydia/Sam and Amy/Matty because they are all related. They all know Matty, and there is CCTV as well. #Emmerdale @emmerdale.

According to @DavidHe47935675’s analysis, “Has Matty run into any problems? Years would elapse, particularly after Samson’s “I don’t think he meant it” admission. Most likely probation, at most six months, especially after COVID-19. Matty might also get a thousand-year sentence from an anti-trans judge. #Emmerdale.

“The fact that Matty could actually be sent down for this…is worry #Emmerdale,” exclaimed @Winis_World (sp).

@Chris1968 lost it: “#Emmerdale as if any sane person would think that small b over Matty and Samson. He would not harm a fly, literally.”

“I’m so glad Matty told the police what happened; Josh pushed Samson,” hopefully noted @SARamsay1. All Samson has to do is refuse to follow him and quit being so pitiful! Things will be different if only he confesses the truth. #Emmerdale.

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