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Emmerdale fans ‘stop watching’ as Tom injects Piper: ‘They should be ashamed of themselves’

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Angry ITV Emmerdale viewers declared they would “stop watching” after Piper was injected by a twisted Tom King on Monday night’s show.

Social media was used by fans to vent their outrage over the most recent developments in Tom’s campaign of abusive behavior against Belle.

With his coercive control over his wife, Tom was “taking things to a different level,” according to some of the people watching at home.

Additionally, there were hints on social media that the soap opera plot had drawn complaints from watchdogs.

What happened with Tom and Piper in Emmerdale?

Everyone has been duped by Tom into thinking Belle might be in charge of him. However, he is the one controlling Belle.

Watchers saw Belle assign blame for their disagreements during yesterday’s (May 27) show.

However, Tom continued to punish her with subtle methods; he was seen brandishing a syringe and turning to face his pet dog Piper.

How Emmerdale viewers reacted

Numerous viewers expressed how difficult it was for them to watch the scenes with Piper.

“Well, I apologize, but I don’t condone mistreating animals.” Bad. A fresh low for this program,” a furious Instagram user wrote.

Others planned to tune out, agreeing that the plot had “gone too far.”

Someone declared, “I’m not watching anymore. This is extremely distressing, and the plot needs to conclude right away. I’m going out until then.

No longer watching. This is extremely distressing, and the plot needs to conclude right away.

There is now too much of this, another person said. “Emmerdale is my favorite show, but this disgusts me; it’s so vile.”

Another person added, “This is just downright disgusting.” elevates everything to a new plane! I apologize for taking things too far, but I won’t be watching anymore.

A fourth person wrote, “Wife abuse.” Animal abuse, now. I missed it tonight because I didn’t realize it started early. I won’t watch it now until this is over, and I might not watch it at all after that. This plot has gone too far, in my opinion.

The authors ought to feel ashamed of themselves for creating such ridiculous animal-themed stories. A fifth said, “I hope more people voice their complaints about it.

Another user voiced their displeasure in the interim, saying, “I have just reported tonight’s show to Ofcom.” It only took me a few minutes. It is best if more people report it.

“Sorry but he is abusing Belle and now the dog it is not on,” said another comment. What will he do—drug it? You want to fire the writers of Emmerdale. To demonstrate that is heinous. We already know what he will do, and it is definitely below the belt. Maybe Ofcom will receive complaints.

On social media, a different fan pleaded, “Ofcom, do something about this.”

ED! has requested a statement from Ofcom.

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