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Emmerdale fate ‘sealed’ for Belle Dingle as abusive Tom learns about pregnancy

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Belle Dingle of Emmerdale hoped to hide her pregnancy from her violent husband Tom King.

During Tuesday’s episode of Emmerdale on ITV, Eden Taylor Draper’s character Belle Dingle felt compelled to confess her pregnancy to her violent husband Tom King (James Chase).

Belle was afraid of being in charge. She was cowering on the sofa, terrified that Tom was going to attack her, so she blurted out, “I’m pregnant,” clutching her stomach.

When she found out she was pregnant, Tom was keen to know since he seemed happy to hear his wife was expecting their child.

She told him a falsehood, telling him that she found out she was pregnant that morning, but that is not true at all.

Later on, Belle asked Tom not to tell anyone that she was expecting, and he said, “Why not?” She clarified: “Well, I’d like to have the scan first if that is alright and I’d like to tell my family first.”

They went on a stroll with their dog Piper, who Tom had been attempting to kill off in an attempt to encourage Belle to come home, and she asked if they should keep the baby.

Even though Tom has been in complete charge of Belle’s life since their February wedding, she continues to support him.

Fans of the serial drama took to social media with their theories regarding the pregnancy plot after tonight’s challenging episode.

Teena wrote: “Now Belle’s told him she’s pregnant there is no hope for her…#emmerdale.”

Mary went on, “This plot is so real it’s giving me the chills. Belle no longer has any self-confidence and doesn’t trust her own judgment. Excellent work, #Emmerdale scriptwriters.”

“Oh Belle, if you thought life with Tom was tough so far, it’s going to get so much worse now that a baby is in prospect,” said a third person. #Emmerdale.

Jamie postulated: “Belle will now likely attempt to claim she miscarried and file for a termination. She despises him. She is a Dingle. He’s dead, all she has to do is notify one of them. However, we’ll have to fight for a few more months to watch the prick #Emmerdale.”

“I hope Belle terminates the pregnancy for her sake,” remarked another spectator. He would definitely hit her #Emmerdale, and she would lose it.”

In upcoming scenes, will she actually get an abortion on the ITV soap opera?

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