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Emmerdale hunk Danny Miller admits ‘I’d still be a virgin’ if it wasn’t for ITV role

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The beloved ITV soap opera Emmerdale veteran Danny Miller, who is best known for portraying Aaron Dingle, once admitted that he wasn’t very successful when it came to dating women.

Danny Miller, a star of Emmerdale, previously admitted that if he weren’t involved in the ITV soap opera, he would still be a virgin.

Danny’s character, who is well-known for portraying troubled Aaron Dingle on the program, has experienced a lot of highs and lows. However, the beloved actor once claimed that if it weren’t for his well-known character, he wouldn’t be popular with women.

He said to Heat Magazine back in 2015, “I’d be a virgin if I wasn’t an actor. Without a question.

The actor claimed at the time that nobody had seen him naked in a long time. “Just me,” he stated. Unless there are people in my home who have hidden cameras that I am unaware of.”

But after nine years, Danny’s life has taken a radical turn. The I’m A Celeb star wed Steph Jones, his childhood sweetheart, and the two of them have two kids together.

The actor had a lengthy career in Emmerdale, although he briefly left the series in 2010. In 2021, he left once more.

Danny surprised everyone by returning to the role last year. When Aaron, played by Danny, got into trouble while traveling in Europe, his uncle Cain and Caleb decided to bring him back to Emmerdale.

When discussing his comeback last year, he was frank with the Daily Star and other relevant media, saying, “It’s almost like a new job for me because I see it completely differently.” Of course, I’ve returned a few times, but this time, I’m really grateful for the opportunity.”

“I’m very grateful to be back here, and obviously I have a family now that needs to be fed, so it makes it a fun way to do that,” he continued. And the fact that we moved over here and are now practically neighbors indicates that I genuinely want to dedicate myself to the program and convey to them and the audience how much I adore it and how much respect and gratitude I receive for it.”

Aaron has experienced health issues ever since he returned. Aaron’s mother Chas told her family earlier this year that the defective BRCA2 gene is the reason for her cancer.

Chas insisted that Aaron get tested, as well as her brothers Cain and Caleb. Aaron found out he carried the gene as well, even though Cain and Caleb were unaffected.

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