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Emmerdale: Lisa’s death doesn’t feel like five years ago, fans sob

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On the fifth anniversary of her mother Lisa Dingle’s passing, Belle paid tribute to her last night in Emmerdale (Thursday, May 23).

But as Belle’s abuse worsened, Tom, her husband, showed no regard for her feelings.

Fans of Emmerdale, who are upset that five years have passed since Lisa’s death, have taken to social media to express their shock.

Emmerdale: Lisa Dingle’s fifth anniversary

While Tom chastised Belle for taking the day off work yesterday in the Dales, Belle was listening to one of Lisa’s favorite songs.

Tom told Belle to wait inside for a package while feigning ignorance of Lisa’s anniversary.

Even though the package hadn’t arrived yet, Belle and Piper left the house so they wouldn’t miss Lisa’s memorial picnic with Sam and Lydia.

However, Belle was late for the picnic, and Tom discovered that she had left the house while eating with him at The Hide.

Tom advised Laurel not to bring up Lisa’s anniversary so as not to annoy Belle, who was constantly interrupted by her husband whenever she tried to discuss it.

Once Belle realized that Tom had known about the anniversary all along, things outside became too much for her.

When Tom began making deplorable remarks about Belle’s deceased mother, Belle became enraged and pushed him to the ground, creating a commotion.

Emmerdale fans in disbelief as Lisa Dingle is remembered on soap

Fans of the soap opera have expressed their shock at Belle’s revelation that it has been five years since Lisa’s death.

Fans are finding it difficult to believe that Lisa passed away even a short time ago.

“Can’t believe it’s been five years since Lisa Dingle gained her angel wings,” a fan commented.

“5 years without Lisa already, crikey,” a second fan commented.

“Five years since Lisa died,” a third fan wrote in their comment, emoji-ing a broken heart and a sobbing face.

What’s next for Tom and Belle?

Tom has been playing victim while Belle begins to rebel against him and fight back against his abuse.

Will Belle’s pushing him down in front of the villagers serve only to validate Tom’s twisted stories?

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