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Emmerdale moves time slot back to 7pm and fans beg for the change to be permanent

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The time that Emmerdale on ITV has been shown on the box has changed.

Social media users recently received reminders about the new start time, informing followers that they must log on at a new time every day this week.

This is due to the fact that ITV will be broadcasting the live Britain’s Got Talent semifinals every weekday night until Friday.

As a result, this week’s soap operas, including Coronation Street, are beginning a little earlier.

What time is Emmerdale on during BGT live semi-finals week?

“Don’t forget folks, we’re on at the slightly earlier time of 7pm all this week!” was the caption of a recent Instagram post.

“See you tonight; we’ll be the ones sitting with a biscuit and a drink, #Emmerdale.”

A commenter on the upload clarified, saying, “It’s to allow Britain’s Got Talent to be shown all this week.”

“And because Corrie airs every week at 7.30 p.m.” said an additional person.

“Emmerdale should be on an hour every night,” said a third person.

In the same reply thread, another person strayed and said, “It should be renamed World’s Got Talent.”

There were a lot of things to say about the start time update from other viewers who left comments in the comments section.

How Emmerdale fans have reacted

Many people appear to be eager for Emmerdale to always air at 7 p.m. from now on.

One fan commented, “Wish you would put it back to 7pm permanently.”

“I would love it to go back to 7pm!” concurred a second.

I would adore it if it returned to 7 p.m.!

A third individual agreed, saying, “I much prefer the 7pm slot anyway.”

“The appropriate moment,” said another.

A fourth person argued that it “should be that time every week.”

Among the responses were some from viewers who took issue with the inclusion of news reports in the schedule that weren’t quick bulletins.

One moaner said, “Don’t like the hour-long news; sometimes they just spend the whole hour repeating everything.”

“Bring back Emmerdale at 7pm,” they went on. Pleaseeeeeee.

Another person agreed and said, “Put it back to that time forever. At that time of night, no one needs or wants so much news.

Regarding the news coverage and the Emmerdale swap, another person reasoned, “A half-hour difference isn’t that bad.” However, it irritates me when there isn’t much good news these days.

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