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Emmerdale: Ruby and Rose are a secret couple, a new fan theory predicts

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Ruby and Rose reunited in yesterday’s Emmerdale episode (Tuesday, June 4) as their plan encountered an obstacle.

Ruby then instructed her to stick to the plan and concentrate on reaching Will rather than Kim.

Ruby and Rose may be more than just friends, according to a recent Emmerdale fan theory.

Emmerdale: Ruby and Rose’s plot against Kim

Due to their shared dislike of the Queen of Home Farm, Ruby and Rose have been clandestinely collaborating to hatch a scheme against Kim Tate.

Ruby has been monitoring the plan’s progress with Rose inside. But Ruby received some unfavorable news from Rose last night.

Will confronted Dawn after offering her some sleeping pills, telling her that she was a recovering addict and chastising her for her actions.

After Rose informed Ruby of this minor obstacle, Ruby advised her to keep their plan moving forward and concentrate on Will.

Emmerdale fan theory: Ruby and Rose dating?

According to a fan theory, Ruby and Rose are more than just friends because they are working together to get even with Kim and going on secret meetups.

According to the fan theory, Ruby and Rose are secretly dating.

They’ve undoubtedly gotten closer recently, but is there possibly more going on?

Are Ruby and Rose together?

Ruby and Caleb appear to be in love right now, but their friendship seems to have developed overnight.

They’re conspiring together to give Kim Tate a lesson, and they both appear to be enjoying themselves.

Did they know one another before they traveled to the Dales? Is the romance between Ruby and Caleb fake? Are Ruby and Rose together in real life?

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