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Emmerdale Samson death fears as horror stabbing leaves him bleeding out

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Next week, Samson Dingle from Emmerdale will die from a fatal wound sustained during a fight with Matty Barton and newcomer Josh that results in a stabbing.

In upcoming scenes from Emmerdale, Samson Dingle gets stabbed and bleeds to death.

The following week, Lydia (Ken Blick) worries about Samson’s (Sam Hall) intentions to drive across Europe with his new companion Josh (Osian Morgan).

In her heart, she hopes he will fail his test and that the used car Sam (James Hooton) is giving him isn’t fit for driving. However, Samson is soon displeased when Cain (Jeff Hordley) approves of his motor.

Samson is irritated by Lydia’s reaction when Josh announces he has passed his driving test and Samson arrives without “L” plates. As they celebrate at the HOP, it becomes apparent that Josh has feelings for Amy (Natalie Ann Jamieson), who recently got married.

Rejecting Sarah (Katie Hill) a little, Josh makes another pass at Amy. Amy leaves work early because she can’t handle Josh’s constant flirting.

Josh is upset and humiliated when Matty tells him and Samson to leave the property and gives him some hard facts about his actions. He starts calling Matty names outside before coming back inside to chastise him.

Samson follows Josh inside, not wanting to cause any trouble at all. Josh begins threatening to take the money out of the till, which makes Matty feel more and more uncomfortable.

As the situation gets worse, Josh shoves Samson into Matty, which causes him to get stabbed by the knife Matty was holding. Josh says Matty is coming at them with a knife as Samson starts to bleed out.

When Matty realizes what it looks like, he is startled and becomes anxious about the possible outcomes for him. Samson’s demise occurs prior to the character leaving.

After playing Samson for 15 years, Sam, 20, was fired from the soap opera, it was revealed in April. The Sun was informed by a source that “he has been devastated.” His on-screen Dingle clan has raised him, and they all take great pride in their protective nature. A few members of the cast even went to speak with managers about their choice.

There were a lot of irate Dingles in the building as word of his axing spread. There won’t be a way for him to return either, since they intend to kill him. He’s completely destroyed.”

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