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Emmerdale spoilers: Belle shares heartbreaking news that leaves a loved one inconsolable

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Emmerdale’s Belle (Eden Taylor-Draper), who has had a tumultuous relationship with Tom (James Chase), has some unpleasant news for her partner.

With these two, things are not going well. Tom has a peculiar edge that no one can quite place, and it has caused him to snap at her more than once, most notably over the theft of his new motor during his car’s hijacking.

While she was genuinely concerned for his wellbeing and puzzled by his odd “I’m fine” attitude to having his brand-new car brutally taken away, he was furious that she had told his Uncle Jimmy (Nick Miles) about the incident.

But then, as if a switch had been flipped, he started gushing to Jimmy about him and Belle moving in together before he had even asked Belle to.

Belle had to explain that she wanted some time to ponder before he finally asked since she was so taken aback.

However, he refused to be kept waiting and insisted on a prompt decision.

Concerned Belle breaks the bad news to Tom that she can’t move in with him just yet.

Will he vent his anger on Belle because he appears to have trouble controlling his emotions? He is devastated by disappointment.

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