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Emmerdale spoilers for next week: First look as Matty stabs Samson

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Next week’s Emmerdale spoilers are revealed. Samson is stabbed by mistake by Matty. So will he be alright? And what fate has in store for Matty?

Furthermore, Marlon’s patience with Rhona has run out. Will things make sense when Paddy and I go camping?

Emmerdale spoilers for next week include all of this and more.

Samson’s new friend worries Lydia

Samson tells Josh, his new friend, about his intention to drive across Europe. Lydia secretly hopes that the used car won’t pass the test and that he won’t pass it. Both don’t materialize, and Lydia can’t help but congratulate him despite her concerns, which irritates Samson.

Matty stands up to Josh

Josh realizes Amy is married, but he still feels drawn to her after Sarah rejects him. She leaves work early, though, because his aggressive flirting becomes too much for her.

Josh receives some sobering feedback about his actions from Matty. Josh becomes enraged and tells Samson and Josh to leave the Hide.

Samson stabbed

Josh barges back in, and Samson grudgingly goes with him. Matty receives a threat from Josh demanding money from the till.

As things get more aggressive, Josh pushes Samson into Matty. With the knife Matty was holding, Samson is stabbed.

Josh accuses Matty of approaching them with a knife as Samson bleeds on the ground. When Matty realizes that the story is about to change, he is appalled and afraid for his own safety.

Marlon ends his marriage

Rhona is starting to irritate Marlon more and more, and when she mentions christening Ivy with Charles, he loses it. Marlon, enraged, throws a pan of food on the ground.

Later, he tells Rhona that he is going camping with Paddy so he can decide if he still wants to be with her. When Paddy finds out Marlon truly intends to divorce Rhona, he is appalled.

He makes an effort to motivate him to battle for his marriage in the same manner that he overcame his stroke. But will this influence Marlon?

Evan’s sick

When Dawn discovers that Evan’s temperature has increased, she feels worried and worn out. Billy is questioned by her about the possibility that the other children’s germs could have spread to him.

Emmerdale spoilers: Rose offers Dawn drugs

Dawn is offered some relief by Rose, who persuades her to have a brandy with her. Then she offers her some strong sleeping pills. When Will finds her, he is appalled.

He berates Rose for Dawn’s recuperation. Rose, according to Will, has one more chance left at Home Farm.

Rose impersonates Kim

Rose poses as Kim to show a prospective client around Home Farm, which unnerves Leyla. Does Rose and Ruby have any plans for this?

Cain supports Liam in Emmerdale spoilers

As they enjoy a beer together, Cain tells Liam that they are friends and that he is concerned about how he is doing. Is Liam going to be honest?

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