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Emmerdale spoilers: Moira and Cain’s marriage in tatters as she desperately tries to save Matty

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According to our Emmerdale spoilers, Moira and Cain’s marriage starts to suffer after Matty Barton is imprisoned for stabbing Samson. Moira vents her rage at the circumstances on Cain while she works feverishly to save her son.

Will Cain and Moira’s union hold up under pressure?

Emmerdale spoilers: Matty’s suffering

As Matty‘s ordeal continues, Amy and Moira pay him a visit in prison. He seems on edge when Moira mentions his medication, and confesses that he hasn’t showered since he arrived.

Back at the Dingles’, Samson gets ready for work. However, he’s unsettled by the arrival of Cain.

Knowing that Josh was really behind it, Cain pleads with Samson not to let Matty go to jail, aware of the damage it could do to him. Later, Moira is saddened to hear that Samson is still sticking to his story and backing Josh.

Moira rips a piece off of Cain.

A haphazard scheme to save Matty begins to take shape. Samson is followed by Moira to the Woolpack restrooms, where she makes the implication that there are other ways to skin a cat. As she corners him, her expression darkens, but what exactly is she planning?

Later on, Cain tries to caution Moira against interfering with Matty’s case. At the dinner table, Moira verbally humiliates Cain because she doesn’t want to hear any of it.

The following day, after Cain reminds her of some of the harsh things she said, Moira is overcome with guilt.

Later, after Cain arrives to Butlers intoxicated as well, things get out of hand. With her marriage and her life imploding, Moira is left shaken.

Kerry, meanwhile, has her own strategy to discover the truth. She flirts at the Woolpack with Josh. She tries to covertly record their talk on her phone while they speak because she wants him to come clean.

But her scheme quickly backfires. Is it possible for Matty’s loved ones to free him from prison before it ruins Cain and Moira’s union?

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