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Emmerdale spoilers: Ruby set to confess her role in a major death as funeral tragedy rocks the village

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Nobody in the village is more shocked by the unexpected death of Ethan Anderson (Emile John) than Ruby Fox-Miligan (Beth Cordingly), who viciously ran him over with her car as payback for Ethan’s involvement in Nicky’s (Lewis Cope) accident.

Nevertheless, she escaped a bullet when he passed away and carried the secret of her relationship with Rose—which will cause Dawn to suffer collateral damage—to the afterlife.

At first, despite being in excruciating pain, Ethan had stood up and left the hit-and-run, but Ruby made it plain that she would complete the task if he admitted to being the driver.

He seemed to get better, but in a heartbreaking turn of events, he gripped his head in agony before passing away at home.

Ruby is now faced with the reality of the situation and her guilt because someone has died as a result of her retaliatory actions. She hadn’t intended to kill Ethan, no matter how furious she was with him. Murder is one step too far, even for Ruby.

When Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker) tells Ruby about Charles’ (Kevin Mathurin) actions since Ethan passed away, Ruby is shocked. Ruby makes the impolite decision to go to the church in an attempt to assist, and when she finds Charles, she consoles him. She takes his hand when he accepts.

This somewhat relieves her guilt, and she returns home ready to make amends with her family. Reluctantly, Nicky consoles her as she sobs and swears to turn herself in to the police.

When Caleb (Will Ash) finds out about Ruby’s scheme, he is the complete opposite of understanding. Ruby is as obstinate as an ox, so he tries to force her to change her mind, but it’s not an easy task.

When Ruby gets to Woodbine to continue helping Charles, he breaks the news that stops her heart: the coroner has determined Ethan’s cause of death. Ruby has reached her breaking point right before Ethan’s funeral.

Charles finds it difficult to guide the service while Ruby feels overwhelmed by what she has learned.

Will she really give herself up as promised, or will she go to great lengths to keep her freedom?

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