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Emmerdale spoilers show Chloe shocking Amy with a major disclosure following the baby news

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In Emmerdale, Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland) might be preparing to weave a thick web of deceit.

In upcoming episodes, Mackenzie (Lawrence Robb), who thought Chloe was pregnant once more, will propose to her.

But in this new clip, Chloe tells Natalie Ann Jameson’s Amy that she’s begun her period and can’t be pregnant after talking to Tracy (Amy Walsh) about motherhood.

When the subject shifts to Mackenzie, Chloe resolves to go home with Reuben since she is adamant she cannot go and “shatter his dreams.”

Amy seems concerned that Chloe might not be telling the truth to Mackenzie, but will that be the case?

Is she preparing to fabricate a major pregnancy lie?

Before Emmerdale’s Super Soap Week, these scenes will air. Although there isn’t much we know about it yet, we do know that Mack, Chloe, and Charity (Emma Atkins) will perform some incredible stunts.

Chloe is allegedly stuck inside a car that crashes off a cliff in previously released photos, but what will happen before these events take place?

Who will survive when they do, though?

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