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Emmerdale spoilers tonight: Belle finally fights back against Tom – with devastating consequences

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spoilers for tonight’s Emmerdale reveal When Belle reaches her breaking point, she snaps at Tom. Will he be able to turn the story to work against her, though?

In another scene, Ella is startled by Liam’s interrogation and is later seen going to see someone. Rhona and Marlon attend marital counseling in the interim.

The Emmerdale spoilers for Thursday, May 23 are listed below.

Belle hits back

Belle retaliatesBelle is certain that Tom is receiving treatment for his anger management problems, but she is unaware that he has been lying to Dr. Liam about her own issues.

Belle wants to spend tonight, Lisa’s death anniversary, at a memorial picnic with Sam and Lydia. Tom, on the other hand, has different plans and designs it so that she must wait inside for a delivery package.

Tom is anxious because today is his work performance review day. Soon after, Rhona and Vanessa put him under pressure by criticizing him. Tom does a terrible job managing the review.

When he finds out that Belle didn’t wait inside for the package, he will soon be venting his frustrations on her once more. Tom accuses her of ruining the day, even though he knows he’s losing control. Then he criticizes her mother harshly.

Red is what Belle sees. She loses her temper and throws him to the ground in front of the villagers. But has she really put herself in his hands by putting up the ridiculous argument that Tom is the one with the anger management issue? Instead of recognizing the truth, will the village turn against Belle, the victim?

Liam quizzes Ella in Emmerdale spoilers

Liam is nervous about Ella after Mandy’s warning. Particularly after she freaked out about having her picture taken, he wants to be certain of her identity. Then, when she claimed to be sick and was in bed at home, he watched her get into a car and drive off.

Liam questions her because he doesn’t want to be taken for a fool once more. However, she is alarmed by their intrusiveness and departs right away.

She goes to a care facility later. Ella is visiting someone, so why is she there? What exactly is she concealing?

Emmerdale spoilers: Rhona and Marlon attend counselling

Marlon and Rhona show up for their first marital counseling session fired up to fight for their relationship. But immediately there’s an uncomfortable feeling.

Things don’t go well in the session. Could Marlon and Rhona ever find their way again? Or will they finally give up on things?

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