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Emmerdale spoilers tonight: Belle’s terror over Tom’s most vicious attack yet

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Tonight (Thursday, May 16)’s Emmerdale spoilers show Tom watching Belle use the puppy cam to spend time with her family.

Tom then reveals his true colors and snaps at Belle after her loved ones have left the house.

In Emmerdale spoilers, will Belle have the guts to confront her violent husband?

Emmerdale spoilers: Tom turns on Belle

Tom is not pleased with what he sees when he watches the puppy cam and sees Belle chatting to Mandy and Lydia.

They don’t realize that Tom is actually listening in because the three of them are making lighthearted jokes about him when he’s not around.

As Tom rushes home, he notices Belle’s guests and puts on a fake smile, making Belle wonder if something is wrong.

Tom turns on his horrified wife in the kitchen after Mandy and Lydia leave the house, revealing his true feelings.

Will Belle disclose the circumstances to anyone? Will she keep acting as though nothing is wrong, or what?

Emmerdale spoilers: Gabby rejects Vinny

As viewers are aware, Mandy and Paddy spoke with Gabby last night, on Wednesday, May 15, and asked her to spend some time with Vinny in order to cheer him up.

Vinny and Gabby spend the evening together at The Hide. But Vinny quickly realizes his mistake and leans in to kiss her.

Rejecting him, Gabby makes it plain that she wants to be friends only. Vinny apologizes to Gabby for making a pass at her, clearly embarrassed.

Gabby acknowledges that Mandy and Paddy spoke with her, and Paddy feels terrible about his involvement in Vinny’s humiliation. Is he able to compensate him? Will Vinny realize that he was merely attempting to assist?

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